These are the words used by a principal to describe Mitch's performance. MITCH PINGEL, a teacher retired from the Boulder Valley School District with 30 years experience, will present programs of music and storytelling for your school, church, adult or other group. The programs consist of an enjoyable blend of story-songs, ballads, and songs that are just plain fun. Audience participation is elicited and encouraged.


MITCH PINGEL has been playing some musical instrument since he was six, although not continuously. He has been singing and telling stories with the autoharp and banjo since 1973. Although his involvement with the hammered dulcimer only dates to 1980, he was the Colorado State Hammered Dulcimer Champion in 1986.


He developed his singing style and storytelling techniques during his 30 years as a classroom teacher in Kindergarten, second grade and fourth grade. Working extensively with middle school and high school students as a youth group advisor with his church has also honed these skills. The songs and stories have been collected and embellished during this time. New material is always being added to his repertoire.

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MITCH PINGEL has performed in a wide variety of situations. He has given programs for many schools throughout Colorado. MITCH was a featured presenter at regional International Reading Association conferences in 1980 and 1982. He has given presentations at several Storytelling Conferences at the local, state, and national levels, most recently at the 2002 National Storytelling Conference.


MITCH is also involved in building hammered dulcimers and autoharps as a partner in Timbre Line Music. Go to


MITCH has recorded one cassette, SONGS, STORIES and STUFF, which contains much of his favorite material, including THE FROG SONG. It is available for $12.95, which includes Priority Mail shipping.

Newly released is MITCH's latest recording project, SONGS, STORIES and STUFF: the CD, which contains all the material from the cassette, plus some new and updated material as well. The CD includes COW PATTIE, BALLY SALLY CATO, and a new live recording of THE FROG SONG. It is available for 15.95, which includes Priority Mail shipping. I can accept Visa, MasterCard or Discovery cards.

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