"Mitch is one of the most talented and entertaining performers we've had in our school. Adults and children alike appreciate and greatly enjoy his many talents. After attending one of his programs, everyone leaves a bit happier."

Woodrow Spriggs, Principal (Retired)

"Mitch is a spellbinder! The program was different for each grade level, specially tailored to fit the interests of each age group. He had the children and teachers (and the principal) on the edge of their seats throughout the performance. It is a pleasure to host a person who combines language and music development with sheer entertainment so successfully."

Dr. Bill Swartsfager, Principal (Retired)

"Special thanks to you for the three programs you presented to Fitzmorris Elementary School. Not only were the children delighted, but the faculty was pleased that you entertained and taught! It takes skill, a thorough Knowledge of children's interests and a genuine love of teaching to present three different yet highly successful programs! In these times of "tight financial times" it's especially gratifying to be able to host a program that's both entertaining and educational!"

Dorothy J. Jochim, Former Principal

Bally Sally Caato

"Mitch holds a group of sixth grade students spellbound for an hour and a half and has them wishing for more. His expertise with many and varied instruments is amazing. He has a knack for "spinning a yarn" and making students feel and experience what he is saying. This gentleman has many years of experience working with students from all age groups. Teacher, Youth Group Advisor, Musician, Master of Song, are only a few of the titles Mitch can have following his name. The best part is that with all of this he is very easy to work with, dependable, and a nice person."

Jim Jackson, Former Principal, Mount Evans Outdoor Lab School, Jefferson County Schools

"First of all, I enjoyed hearing all those somgs, especially the one about the Bermuda Triangle. It was so interesting, that when I got home from Mount Evans, I started reading about the Bermuda Triangle.

Second, I thought you were brave to perform in front of us. You inspired me, and now, I am thinking about telling stories to kids in my spare time.

Last, but not least, your stories were funny and amusing. This made it enjoyable to listen to your stories.

So. all in all, your performance was a blast!!! Thank you for coming to Mount Evans to perform for us.

Ashlyn, 6th Grader, West Woods Elementary

"Mitch Pingel is a singer and storyteller who comes to Outdoor Lab School. I think it is great that he does that for all of the kids that come each week. He uses three instruments, the hammer dulcimer, autoharp and the banjo. The stories that he told to us were very good. I enjoyed them a lot. The way he told the stories made it seem like we were in them. He sang a lot of songs that were not familiar, but now I will know them in the future. During some of the stories de let us say some of the parts. At the end he said we could ask any questions that we had for him. I tool a picture of him so that I would remember about it. I had a lot of fun going to Mitch Pingel's class. I'm really glad that he come to Outdoor Lab

Sandy, 6th Grader, Stony Creek Elementary





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